Why choose Qingdao Lefount Stone?

Why choose Qingdao LeFount stone? Here are some good reasons, the most important ones we will explain below:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliability and reputation
  • Rich Experience
  • Communication


Most of the products we supply are made of material from our own quarries, the whole production takes place in our own factory, we control the entire production by ourselves, besides those advantages, we work with a direct sales concept with low overheads. Therefore we are able to offer very competitive prices for almost all natural stone products.


We have our own quarry, we will weed out any material with defects. The production is in our own factory, with the high-tech machine and skilled workers we can process any customized products very precisely.

As we have our own quarry and factory, quality control is therefore an integral system in the whole field, from mining to shipment.


 Fast delivery

We have well-arranged production plan, this is the base of our whole business. And our factory is located at the port city of Qingdao we can guarantee fast shipping. So most of our orders we can delivery on time (sometimes we met force majeure, like heavy rain/snow). 

Reliability and reputation

During the 10 years in stone business we have gain the trust of many clients and have very good reputation, therefore we got many repeating orders from all over the world, and we are looking to expand and gain the trust of many more.


We are involved in natural stone business since 2005, and we export many kinds of natural stones worldwidely. With the 10 years experience, we know the markets and demands very well.


All of our sales speak very good english; And we are easily to access via many ways, email/skype/phone calls.